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    The Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) aims to cultivate graduate students who are capable of both basic and applied research in biology and medicine. IBT bridges interdisciplinary research fields and is closely connected to the biotech industry. Research interests of our faculty include finding novel biological targets for drug design, developing technologies for diagnostic/medical devices, biomedical imaging, and bioengineering. These form a synergistic, multi-disciplinary effort to reach our long-term goal of developing marketable drugs and medical devices. Ultimately, we aim to play a major role in the development of Taiwan’s research-based biotech industry.

    One of the primary goals of IBT is to encourage our students to prepare themselves for career development in either industrial or academic tracks. Thus, the curriculum of IBT uniquely emphasizes basic, applied, and interdisciplinary fields. IBT at National Tsing Hua University plays a key role in training the future leaders in biotechnology.

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